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Piano Tuning Crisis In America!
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Alarming new studies have shown that most Americans are having their pianos tuned much less frequently in recent years. This is a significant drop from the frequency of previous decades and a cause for great concern.

Why Has This Problem Emerged Now?

Americans in 2011 are extremely busy. They are especially busy watching cable TV programs, surfing the internet, checking for messages on Facebook and watching their investment portfolios decline: They just don't think about having their pianos tuned.

The Reality Of Living In A Physical Universe

By international agreement the note "A" above middle C is tuned to 440 vibrations per second and all other notes are tuned in relationship to that note. In the case of the piano, the wires (or strings) must be adjusted to these exact frequencies by a piano tuner.

Temperatures rise and fall. The air is moist or dry. Doors and windows are opened and closed. Your piano is constructed of wood, iron and steel. The moisture content of the ambient air will cause the materials, especially the woods of the pinblock, sounding board and bridges, to alternately swell and contract. This affects the tension of the strings. There is simply no way of avoiding the necessity of having the piano tuned annually (in order to restore it to the proper pitch) unless you have specially constructed a room that controls temperature and humidity variance. Absent of this you may have a serious problem.

Children Are At Risk!

It is critical that your piano is tuned on a regular basis to insure that irreparable damage is not done to the music appreciation faculties of small children and adolescents. Music cannot be correctly appreciated when the instruments are out of proper tune. Our children are suffering greatly due to this unfortunate trend. Neglecting to tune your piano on a regular basis can also stress the instrument itself.

The schools systems have eliminated most musical education from the curricula of their students so it has become the solemn duty of responsible parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, family friends and neighbors to assure that future generations can appreciate music as it was meant to be heard by having their pianos tuned regularly.

Piano Abuse Must Be Stopped!
Music Teachers Are Angry!
Your piano had high hopes when it left the factory. It expected to find a loving home where it would be played. It expected to participate in piano lessons, practice sessions, recitals or gigs. It has served you and its previous owners well. Are you treating your piano properly? Have you kept it away from an outside wall? Is it protected from direct sunlight and heating and air-conditioning vents? Will you bless your piano with the dignity of an annual piano tuning? It's the least you can do.
What You Can Do To Help

It is important that you assess the state of your piano's tuning immediately. This can best be done by a professional and will not take long. Do not leave this assessment to an amateur because the piano may never be tuned again in that case. Music sounds beautiful on a perfectly tuned piano. If you are accustomed only to an out of tune instrument you may not know what you are missing! A competent piano tuner will be able to tell you immediately whether your instrument needs to be tuned. He can also advise you as to how often it should be tuned in the future.


Our recommendation - and no joking around:

Call or e-mail Pat Kelly Piano Tuning & Service (513-604-9889 or to arrange for a tuning or an assessment.

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Piano Tuners Resort To Humor To Generate New Business

In these difficult economic times many professionals must now enhance their entrepreneurial skills in such a way as to resort to absurd humor to develop and increase new business. Some desperate piano tuners/jazz musicians are now posting facetious web pages, feigning mock seriousness about a piano tuning crisis in order to induce prospective clients to a chuckle and to consider employing their services. This is disturbing in that piano tuning is usually considered a very dry and boring subject, one not usually associated with humor.
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