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Compositions & Arrangements

New Sounds For Film, Stage, Commerce & Ambience

Patrick Kelly is an experienced, professional composer/arranger who is available for creative musical projects in film, for the stage or other special media and for private commissions. Music can be composed for orchestra, wind ensemble, big band, electronic instruments, choral group or any combination of instruments to create the desired mood or effect. Music can be delivered in the form of a score and individual parts or be recorded and synchronized to film or tape for corporate or entertainment industry clients.

"Kelly is a resourceful and clever arranger...The PsychoAcoustic Orchestra stretches, but doesn't break, the boundaries of contemporary big band tradition."
Mark Holston - Jazziz

• Fast, accurate transcription
• Custom arrangements made to order
• For piano, small group, big band, strings, concert band
• Any style
• Scores and parts clearly and correctly notated

Patrick Kelly - Catalogue of Compositions
and Arrangements:

(Appearing on the following recordings:)

A) SUPREME THING -The PsychoAcoustic Orchestra (1994)
B) REACTIVATION -The PsychoAcoustic Orchestra (1995)
F) ¿DONDE ESTAS? - Latin X-posure (2000)
G) TRIPLE STOP - Scotty Anderson (2001)
I) KILLER LOVE - P. Ann Everson-Price (2004)
J) FUN WITH NOTES - The PsychoAcoustic Orchestra (2016)
K) WHISPER TO THE WIND - Janet Staley (2016)

-- Original Compositions For Pat's Thirteen Piece Jazz Orchestra:

Number 6 (1976) A
Zen I’m Calling You (ca.1979) A
Elegy For Alex (ca. 1979) A
Weird Asparagus (ca. 1979) A
For Mingus and Dolphy (1979) B
The Debris Of The Planets (ca. 1979, revised 1994) B
Armageddon Semimental Overview (ca. 1980) A YouTube
You Haven’t Did (ca. 1980) A
Baritone Island (1980, revised 1995) B YouTube
Luthor’s Space (ca. 1980) B
Luminance (1983) A
Supreme Thing (1984) A
I’ve Forgotten You (1984)
Reactivation (1986) B
Sad In A Happy Way (1995)
Shades (1995) J
Good Son/Bad Son (1996)
Eniarrol (1996) YouTube J
Chant for Ohnedaruth (1996) J
La Ofrenda (1997) J
Structural Functions (1979, Rev. 2004)
The War Of The 96 Tears (2004)
The Blues that Never Ends (2008) J
Alleluia (2008) J
Fusion Happy Birthday (2010)
Rutabaga Archipelago (2010)
Fun With Notes (2010) J
Salsanati Blue (2010)
Nebulous (2012) J
Fish (2013)
Contemplating Intergalactic Migration (2017)

--Arrangements For Pat's Thirteen Piece Jazz Orchestra:

The Dance Of Maya (1992) A (McLaughlin)
Bad King Wenceslas (1994) A
Sunshine Of Your Love (1994) B (Cream)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (1994)
Ronda (1995) (Longas)
This Here (1995) (Timmons)
Cousin Mary (1995/96) C (Coltrane)
Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love (1996) (Mingus)
Cold Sweat (2002) H (James Brown)
Holiday In Berlin (Zappa)
Twenty Small Cigars (comp. by Frank Zappa) (2005) YouTube
Christmastime Is Here (1997) (Guaraldi)

Willow Weep For Me (2004)
Just In Time (2008)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (2011)
Shorty Rides Again (2011)(Eddie Harris)
White Room (2018) (Cream)
Greensleeves (2017)

--Compositions and Arrangements for Twelve Piece Latin Band

Smokin' In Havana (1997) F
I Thought I Heard You Call My Name (1999) F
Yo Quiero Mas (1999) F
Esta Noche Donde Estas? (1999) F
Countdown (1999) D (John Coltrane)
La Ofrenda (1999) F
Salsanati Blue E

--Compositions and Arrangements For Assorted Small Ensembles:

A Aalba Blackboard (1969)
Structural Functions (ca.1979)
Eniarrol (1993)
Nocturne (La Luz) (1983) F
Contemplating Intergalactic Migration (ca. 1987)
Almacita (1986)
Cyrus At Two (1990)
Everybody’s Business (1984)
Lost and Lost (1974)
Fish (1974)
Rutabaga Archipelago (1984) B
Since I Fell For You (2000) E
I've Forgotten You (2004) I
Blowin' At Dee's (2006)
Rilla (2006)
Tunescape (2006) YouTube
Rise (lyrics and rap concept by Kimberly Gerhold) (2006)
Waltz for Janice (2011)
Words Just Don't Convey (2011)
Shanghaied To Wooster (2011)
Driifting On Course (2011)
Consumer Christmas (2011) YouTube
Phil (2012) YouTube
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (2012)
Ornette (2003) J

Blackbird/In My Life Medley (2016) K

--Arrangements for String Orchestra

The Nearness of You (2016) K
Theme From Perry Mason (2001) G

--Choral Arrangements:

Alleluia (Patrick Kelly) (2011)
Deliver Me (2008)
Forgive (Carly Simon) (2007)
Grateful (Karen Drucker) (2007)
I Can See Clearly Now (Johnny Nash) (2007)
I Feel Free (Brown/Bruce) (2008)
Imagine (John Lennon) (2010)
Joy To The World (Traditional) (2008)
Living In The House Of God (Patrick Kelly) (2011)
Love Train (Gamble/Huff) (2008)
Mountains Call Me Higher (Patrick Kelly) (2008)
Peace, Perfect Peace (Toots and the Maytals) (2007)
Rise (lyrics and rap concept by Kimberly Gerhold) (2006)
Satisfied (Martha Carson) (2007)
Spreading Divine Joy (Patrick Kelly-words by Paramahansa Yogananda)(2006)
Wake Up! (Patrick Kelly) (2007)
Welcome Spirit (Patrick Kelly) (2009)
What Would Love Do? (Karen Drucker) (2008)
Wherever I Am (David Ault) (2009)

--Other original works:

String Quartet (1983)
Four Short Piano Pieces (1983)
Variations On A Theme Of Eric Dolphy, "Miss Ann Variations" (For Strings, Woodwind, Percussion and Alto Saxophone) (1982)

--Student Pieces:

Col Kodafy’s Mother-For Three Percussionists
Little Quirky Waltz - For Piano (ca. 1975)
12-Tone Piece For Two Pianos, Four Hands (11/80)
Romantic “Style Copy” Waltz-For Piano
Short Piano Piece

--Unfinished Sketches:

Piano Piece-Dusk/Fog,Bayou/Loon (3/11/84)
Trumpet Concerto (1/12/86)
Lullabye Of The Leaves (Arrangement)
Canon For Strings (1985)
Septet (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Violin & Viola)
Quintet (Flute,Bb Clarinet,Alto Sax, Bb Bass Clarinet & Vibes)
Quartet (Oboe, Viola, Double Bass & Piano)
Lugubrious Efflluvium
Demossville Stomp

Pat at grand pianoPatrick Kelly (b. 2/17/54) - I have been deeply involved in music since the age of 14. I was initially exposed to the piano as child while listening to my mother playing “St. Louis Blues”, “It Had To Be You” and other popular, semi-classical and novelty pieces. (She had aspired as a child to play piano for the silent movies). I heard Roman Catholic liturgical music at daily Mass (pre-and post- Vatican II), tuned and played my brother’s ukelele, and watched with interest as Leonard Bernstein discussed the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen on PBS specials. I requested trumpet lessons at age 11 and was self-taught on piano beginning at age 14, finding that I could pick out melodies and harmonies easily. A profound musical awakening occured while on an afternoon walk in which I understood and internalized the configuration of musical intervals. I was compelled to explore the music of Frank Zappa, Charles Mingus, Gil Evans, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, McCoy Tyner, Chick Corea, Sun Ra and others. My first formal piano lessons occured at age 18 in the Preparatory Department of the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM). During this same time period I began to be active playing jazz and I benefited greatly from playing with great musicians like Jimmy McGary and Cal Collins. I matriculated at CCM at age 25, pursuing studies in composition with Joel Hoffman and Allen Sapp and piano studies with Charles Clevenger, Eugene Flemm, and Margaret McNamara. There I studied the music of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Schoenberg and other 20th century composers. I was awarded the Bertha Langhorst Werner Scholarship in composition and earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in Composition in 1984. I have played rock, jazz, R&B, funk and Latin, and big band music professionally and have composed in those mediums as well as electronic, aleatoric and avant-garde forms.